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Petrelli LIMS

Some Family

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Select Members , Moderated
Welcome to petrelli_lims! (For those of your who don't know, LIMS stands for:: Last Icon Maker Standing.) A LIMS community for the Petrelli family from NBC's Heroes.

Please Read the rules carefully. Breaking the rules may result in getting banned.

1) Sign up for the round. To start a round, we need between 20 and 30 people.
2) When entering an icon, please make sure that they are LJ compatible (no bigger than 100x100, .jpg, .gif, .png, 40kb...)
3) Every contestant is automatically given ONE skip. And you have the opportunity to ear up to TWO additional skips. If you do not enter an icon for a challenge, you are automatically eliminated, unless you use a skip. When using a skip, please be sure to tell your neighborhood mod:)The only challenges that you are not allowed to skip are the first one, and the final round.
4)Please make new icons for the challenges. Premade icons will not be accepted.
5)Icons should also remain secret until after the voting for the voting has ended and the winners are announced. Please do not post them until then.
6)Voting includes giving constructive criticism about the icons being voted off. Comments are screened. Please do not complain when you are voted off or if you don't like the comments your icons received. Criticism is meant to help, keep it helpful:)
7) We're all here to have fun. Let's all try to save the drama for televison:)

1) Every Saturday at 10pm EST the challenge ends and the icons entered will be posted, and voting will start.
2) Please do not vote for your own icons.
3) On Monday,the mod's choice, member’s choice and the icon makers disqualified will be posted.
4) On Monday, the next challenge will also be posted.

When submitting icons please use the following format::


lims_charmed, deanandsamlims, heroic_lims, dharmainiticons, hero_challenge, paire_icontest, pb_super_heroes, heroes_molly, jensenlims